Working with Manifest.yml

I’ve done a lot of work in the past with AWS CDK, and AWS CloudFormation. Now I’m working with Cloud66 and DigitalOcean. I’m trying to lean more about how I can leverage the manifest.yml

I’ve reviewed all 8 posts on here referencing the manifest.yml

I’m struggling in two place, the documentation here Using Manifest files really seems to just scratch the surface, and I think it probably out of date.

Also the API documentation found here: Cloud 66 - API Reference causes chrome to freeze up and behave erratically. I tried loading it in an incognito chrome window with no chrome plugins and it still freezes up. My computer has 80GBs of RAM, and 32 virtual cores so I don’t believe it to be a hardware issue. I think the site just may have too much content, i’m not sure what the cause is, but its very difficult for me to use.

What might be most helpful, is if there is a template yml or example yml that just shows the full set of options and hierarchy for the manifest yml, is that available?

I also looked to github repos for examples of manifest ymls, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Another option that could help is possibly building the infrastructure manually in the cloud66 dashboard and providing a dashboard or cx cli command to export a manifest yaml from an existing app.

Thanks for the help!