While adding/updating an SSL Certificate on an AWS server I receive the error: Cannot exceed quota for ServerCertificatesPerAccount: 20

An exception occurred in your cloud in adding certificate to IAM: Cannot exceed quota for ServerCertificatesPerAccount: 20.

Why this happens

When you create an SSL certificate Cloud 66 will automatically upload it to AWS, so that in the future if you bring up a load balancer, it can use that certificate. However, there is a default limitation of 20 certificates on most AWS accounts.

How do I fix this?

If you see the error message in your SSL certificate logs after adding or updating an SSL certificate please contact AWS support and request an increase of the amount of Server certificates that can be stored in your AWS account.

At the time of writing the default, limit is 20 certificates. They will be able to raise the limit for you and you should have no further issues.

AWS help documentation for IAM Entity Name Limits

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