Where Are Cloud 66 Managed Backups Stored? Is The Data Encrypted At Rest?

Where are my Cloud 66 Managed Backups Stored?

Cloud 66 Managed Backups are stored in Amazon S3 Buckets.

What Region are my Cloud 66 Managed Backups Located In?

Cloud 66 Managed backups are stored in the closest S3 bucket to the region you selected for your application server when you first created the stack.

For example, if you chose London as your application server region, all of your backups will also be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket located in the London region.

Managed backups are sent directly from your own servers to S3 buckets without passing through the Cloud 66 servers.

Are Cloud 66 Managed Backups Encrypted At Rest?

On S3 the files are encrypted at rest as part of the S3 configuration.

The restore operation doesn’t pass our servers and the backup files are downloaded directly onto your own server or workstation. All data is encrypted during transfer using TLS both ways.