Managed Backups are failing with the message: There is not enough space to guarantee a successful backup of your database. What does this mean & How do I resolve it?


Why this happens

Backups are initially created on your servers, after which they are uploaded to Cloud 66 managed backup servers.

Since the initial backups are created on your servers (and temporarily stored there until the upload happens), you may see this error if your server is running low on disk space.

Before taking backups we calculate your data directory size and make sure that the empty space on your hard drive is at least 2 times that. This is to ensure that taking backups doesn’t fill up the hard drive entirely.

How Should I Resolve this Issue?

There are two potential ways to solve this:

1) Add Additional Disk Space to your Cloud Server

Attach a new disk to your server and mount "/var/cloud66/backup" on to it. Please remove /var/cloud66/backup by running "sudo rm -rf /var/cloud66/backup" before mounting "/var/cloud66/backup".

2) Disable Backup Size Checks

If you are confident that you have enough space and the first option is not possible to perform, you can use the Cloud 66 toolbelt application to run "cx settings set -s STACK_NAME db.check.backup.size false" This will disable backup size checks.