"Looks like this cloud key isn't valid" error for Google Compute Engine users

If you’re setting up (or updating) a GCE API key with Cloud 66 and you get the following error:

“Looks like this cloud key isn’t valid. Please double-check with your cloud provider”

…even though you are sure they are correct, then the most likely culprit is the credentials for the Cloud 66 service account on GCE. This can sometimes happen if you set up your API keys on a trial GCE account and then transition to a paid account.

Solution: delete and then recreate your credentials in the GCE web console - this should solve the problem.

Hey. I’ve created my keys twice via the GCE web console and I’m still getting the “Looks like this cloud key isn’t valid…” error. Is there anything else I can try?

We are on the free trial, which can only be ended:

  • 12 months have elapsed since you signed up.
  • You’ve spent the $300 in credit.

Hi Tim! Apologies for the delay in replying. We have your support ticket and we are working on a solution for you.

Much appreciated, Alistair!