Looking for Infra/Ops/Tooling support from C66 / Rails / Maestro experienced freelancer

I am looking to evolve our infra and tooling for all the reasons why one may need to do that: scaleability, performance, redundancy, security, observability, cloud provider agnostic deploys etc. etc.

Everyone I talk to so far wants to take me down a full K8S, Helm, Terraform journey that I’m just not ready for yet and instead want to keep what we’re doing C66-enabled flavours across our stack (rails, node, postgres, mongoDB (via Atlas)).

So I figured the best place to ask is here - in the community of C66-centric experts.

Initially would be to consult with me on strategies and approaches and then move into implementation.

Raise your hand if that sounds like something you’d be interested in - I look forward to hearing from you.

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Yep, I am very much interested in joining this project (if it still continues). I believe it is a great learning opportunity.