Cloud 66 has blocked my IP address from accessing my own servers. Why, and what can I do?

All servers deployed via Cloud 66 are automatically covered by ActiveProtect - an automated security feature that defends against common security issues (such as denial of service and brute force attacks). If your IP has been blocked it is likely that you have exceeded the maximum requests from a single IP address (roughly 2,000 per minute).

Ok, but how do I get unbanned?

An IP address is only banned for 10 - 15 mins, after which time it should be allowed to access the server again.

A more durable solution, however, is to add your own IP addresses to the “don’t ban” list. You can do this via the Network Settings section of your Dashboard, or by adding a value to your Manifest file.

For more details please read our guides to doing this for our different products: