Can I deploy to multiple servers in different geo regions with Maestro?

You can manage your multi-region application with Cloud 66 Maestro product. Visit our help documentation for more detailed information.

However, please bear in mind that we don’t support multiple regions within the same cluster. This is mainly because the latency created between the servers in different regions (and to the centralized resources ie. DBs) causes way more problems. Additionally, if we did support multi-region, we would have no way to allocate the traffic automatically (and accurately) without building a custom geo-aware setup. I would strongly recommend against that approach. We’ve seen more than a handful of attempts, none of which have worked out well.

A better solution is to have regional clusters - ie.,,, etc. - each of those domains is pointing at a completely independent cluster. If you have data that needs to be shared, then you would handle that via database replication and sharding (but please be aware that that is also not a straightforward undertaking).

Or you can also deploy your application to multiple regions by cloning your application. This is how to do it:
When you create your application you will select your 1st deployment destination e.g. AWS Europe (London).
Next, you can clone your application (the blue button called ‘Clone’ under the right-hand side menu) and change the deployment to the new destination (cloud or region) e.g. AWS (New York) or Hetzner (Falkenstein), etc.


Additionally, please note that you can also deploy any number of applications running on a single server at any point in time. Of course, this is naturally limited by the amount of load that server can support. We would not recommend it for applications in the production environment.