Agent Communication Issues


You will be notified in the case that Cloud 66 is unable to connect to your server for at least 20 minutes. This may happen for the following reasons:

  • Your server cron daemon has stopped running
  • Your server is under high load, preventing it from accepting communication
  • Your server is unable to connect to Cloud 66 due to network connectivity issues
  • Your server is down

If you receive a notification about this, please see the following steps:

  1. Is your web endpoint functioning? This could be a matter of visiting your server IP address through your browser.
  2. Can you connect to the server yourself via SSH?
  3. Is your cloud vendor experiencing any issues?
  • Is Cloud 66 experiencing issues? See the Twitter and Status page.
  • Try rebooting the server from your cloud vendor dashboard - this would help if it's under heavy load
  • If you have verified all of the above scenarios without finding the problem, please contact Cloud 66 support through your dashboard.