Why can't I see the 'Import Heroku data' button for Postgres database migration on the stack detail page?

I have a staging stack with a configured Postgres database and I want to import data from an existing heroku deployment of the same application. Regarding to the ‘Migrate from Heroku to Cloud66’ article (http://community.cloud66.com/articles/migrate-from-heroku-to-cloud-66) I just have to click the button ‘Import Heroku data’ on the stack detail page and place the backup-url there.

But there is no such button anywhere in any detail page I could find. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your question. The link for the database importer will be shown to stacks that are detected to have come from Heroku, which is determined by having one of the following gems in your Gemfile: gem ‘rails_stdout_logging’ gem ‘rails_12factor’ gem ‘rails_serve_static_assets’

If you’d still like to use this feature without having those gems, you can simply append /heroku_import to your stack URL.

I hope this helps.

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