Upgrade Nginx

Hi Cloud66

I’m trying to upgrade Nginx to version 1.7 but it seems not to be able to do that. Can you help me with this?

Thanks for getting in touch with us. Could you tell me which version of Nginx are you currently running and which web server (Passenger or non-passenger)?

We are currently using Nginx version 1.6.3 with passenger.

Unfortunately Passenger is currently tied to version 1.6 of Nginx, so even if you were to create a new stack, it will not upgrade to the newest Nginx. However you can customize the Passenger installation with the –nginx-source-dir=DIR flag. This will compile and install Nginx using a given Nginx source directory, instead of interactively asking to download plus install or to use an existing Nginx source directory. Unfortunately it would be very difficult for us to support you.

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