Unable to ssh to DO droplet after stack deploy

I deployed my first stack using cloud66 / DigitalOcean. I have previously added my public ssh key to my DO account. The new droplet shows up in my DO account but I can't ssh to it. It acts like ssh is disabled or the server doesn't have my ssh key. I didn't receive an email from DO with the root password to my droplet. I can't see any way to add my ssh key at the droplet level in DO.

How do I recover from this "chicken or the egg" situation?


Hi there,

We actually configure your server with an SSH key that we create for you - this is available from the server page on Cloud 66. You can also use our toolbelt to automate the entire SSH connection procedure, instead of manually permissioning the file, opening the firewall, connecting etc.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about this!


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