Ruby on Rails Deploymet Fail

Hi ,

I tried to deploy my rails code with cloud 66 in development mode, but am getting error. Could you help me guys

Error :

failed: “. /var/.cloud66_env 2>/dev/null   true && unset BUNDLE_GEMFILE && sh -c ‘cd /var/deploy/hulkapps-audience/web_head/releases/20160329092855 && bundle install –gemfile /var/deploy/hulkapps-audience/web_head/releases/20160329092855/Gemfile –path /var/deploy/hulkapps-audience/web_head/shared/bundle –deployment –quiet’” on

Hi there,

This is the last line of the error you’ve pasted here which shows what command has failed. In order to find the root of the error you’ll have to look the logs in details and will find the reason in the lines above this error.

You can click on view error to see more details.

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