Restoring from a snapshot in digitalocean

Hi Cloud66

Im using Digital Ocean, most of their hypervisors are full now, preventing us from a fast-resize to quickly bump up the memory / CPU cores. Which means we’ll need to swap to another new droplet if we want to scale vertically. What should I do to make sure, the new droplet is still managed smoothly to my Cloud66 web server?

Thanks for getting in touch with us. The procedure for moving your droplet like this is slightly different to a simple resize:

1) Power off your source server, and take a snapshot 2) Create a new droplet, selecting size as well as private networking and IPv6. Select your image from the list. 3) Select an SSH key (as DO overwrite this folder for new droplets). Your C66 keys will be of the following format: “c66-stack_uid”, and this stack UID is available from your stack page. You will simply need to select the correct key from the list and click “Create droplet”. 4) Power off the source server (it will boot automatically after the image is taken). We will take up to 10 minutes to detect the change and ask you to redeploy the stack.

As you can see, unfortunately DO remove the SSH keys from the image, so you’ll need to pick the right key. Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward.

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