Rails mailer timeout error


I’m using rails mailer (smtp) with Amazon SES, but whenever i want to send a mail, an timeout error happens (execution expired).

Is there any issues in the stack? Have you guys had any similar issues?

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We don’t do any mail configuration on the server by default. Note that a lot of cloud providers limit SMTP access (to prevent servers being used as spam bots) Could it be related to that? Alternatively, could it be related to your firewall - ie. do you need to open any firewall ports on your server?

Thanks for the advice, as my stack is under DigitalOcean they are now blocking all the SMTP connections to avoid spam. I had to open up a ticket and ask for the SMTP manual configuration, after taking my details they have opened up SMTP connection for my droplet.

Thanks for your help!

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