Rails file system permissions

I previous used a rake command to do some file system updates which I used this command to open my /public foder.

- command: chown nginx:app_writers $STACK_PATH/public && chmod 775 $STACK_PATH/public
run_on: all_servers
target: rails
sudo: true

Is there a user(we can grant access to) to allow rails to write to /public in a similar fashion? I’m using sidekiq / workers to update a sitemap and need to be able to write to /public inside the worker.

On AWS, your workers run under the “ubuntu” user, which is part of the app_writers group. As such, the permissions you’ve set should be enough to give that user access to the /public folder.

Could you please try it with this command?

chown nginx:app_writers $STACK_PATH/FOLDER && chmod 775 $STACK_PATH/FOLDER && sudo chmod g+s $STACK_PATH/FOLDER

I added the sticky bit to the end, so that any new files created will retain the same permissions for the group. Let me know how that goes!

That did it!

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