Passenger pool max

I got this error on my production stack:

Errno::ENOMEM: Cannot allocate memory - identify`

It’s likely due to an upload process that requires a good amount of memory. My app servers are running with 10 passenger instances each, they are two s3.medium at EC2 with 3.75 Gb of RAM. I want to reduce this number to free up memory to others processes. I have {{passenger_pool_max}} in nginx config file, but I don’t have passenger_pool_max in my Environment Variables. Is it only a matter of create passenger_pool_max on Environment Variables to limit passenger instances?

The nginx custom config variables are not coming from your environment variables, they are calculated by us before the template is created.

You can simply replace the variable with what ever you would like: ie. you can change passenger_max_pool_size {{ passenger_pool_max }}; to passenger_max_pool_size 5;

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