Overriding the "Under Maintenance" html

Currently when you put a stack in maintenance mode, a default Cloud66 maintenance page is served (via nginx) from /etc/cloud66/pages. I want to show a custom maintenance page. Currently my options appear to be: 1) overwrite the default html on the server, manually or 2) update nginx to point to a different directory. However, in both cases, manual work is required. If I were to bring on a new server, I would have to remember to manually upload my custom maintenance page. Is there anyway to have a custom maintenance template be upload automatically when a new server comes online? An additional issue would then be if I were to make updates to my maintenance page, I would have to manually update on each server.

It would be great if this HTML could be copy/pasted via the c66 dashboard.

I am using Docker stacks BTW.

I was able to resolve this in the following way:

Instead of hosting the HTML locally, I put it up on s3. I then updated the nginx config in the maintenance mode conditional to proxy_pass to my maintenance file on s3:

    location / {
        rewrite ^(.*)$ /maintenance.html break;
        proxy_pass http://my-s3-cdn.com;

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