Load balancing?


Do I have to pay for load balancing by dedicating a load balancer server?

Is there a schedule feature to scale horizontally on specific days? Or even autoscale?

As for rails, would you fully utilize server ram to run several instances of the app at the same server (easy vertical scaling)?

Thanks, Samir


If you are using a cloud provider that has an in-house load balancer like ELB for AWS, Cloud 66 won’t charge you for that.

I’m afraid there is no scheduled scale currently! We are working on automatic scaling and hopefully it’d be ready in the near future. After that adding schedule to it shouldn’t be difficult.

There are other aspects that need to be considered like number of CPU cores. If your server is passenger you can tweak the Nginx config to have more “worker_processes” the recommended number is the number of cores that we use but you can change it to what you think suits you.

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