Linode server IP address change, stack is not working anymore

Dear support,

I had to migrate server running in Linode cloud from Dallas to Londond datacenter. That server instance is bound to my apreet-backend Cloud66 stack.

After server was moved, IP address changed and I’m not able to deploy (or communicate) anything from Cloud66 to Linode new server. I didn’t find any tools to update IP address of the physical stack on the dashboard.

Could you please let me know what are the correct steps that needs to be taken in order for my Cloud66 stack to point to the, virtually, same server instance but now with new IP address?

Many thanks, Slobodan Stanisic

Hi Slobodan,

We install an agent on each server to send us information about the server every 20 min, so that if a server IP address changes it will get picked up by C66 and you’ll be asked to redeploy to update the variables accordingly.

So if you boot your server on another data-center you should be notified! If you haven’t been notified yet, please contact us by filling support ticket so we can have more info about your account in order to help you!


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