Linking docker services or ports with services.yml

Hi - I am having trouble linking docker containers together

In your documentation: You say that services are available at service_name.cloud66.local

What is service_name.cloud66.local - is that #{service_name}.cloud66.local - and how do you set it - and how does it relate to the services.yml file. I have tried several variations (service_logging.cloud66.local) but to no avail.

Also, I have had trouble exposing ports to the host system. in services.yml service_logging: git: git_branch: develop ports: - 9293:9393

This shows ports 9293/tcp - but I don’t think it is bound to the host, and when i run docker port it does not show as exposing any ports. (also i am unable to ping that port suggesting that the binding is not set up)

Could you please provide an example of using 1) service_name.cloud66.local 2) Exposing ports (example to bind to host) 3) Linking services (does service.yml support this and is there an example)



I can answer this myself now

If there is an underscore in your service name: replace that with a ‘.’ (so in my case service_logging.cloud66.local becomes service.logging.cloud66.local:port_number)

The documentation of the services.yml config has also been improved on the advanced docker deployments page (

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