Is it possible to mount an GlusterFS or AWS efs inside a docker container?

I really need an nfs from inside a docker container. I’ve installed glusterFS as a cloud66 add-in and even though the documentation says you should be able to see it from within your docker container, I cannot.

I’ve created an AWS efs and have successfully mounted that from my docker hosts however I still cannot see the file system from inside the docker container.

I’ve reached out to cloud66 support regarding the glusterFS issue but haven’t heard back.

Can anyone help?

Any volume on the host can be mapped to your container by adding this line to your service.yml file:

volumes: [“/Folder_On_host:/Folder_On_container:rw”] #rw is for read and write, ro for read only

More info:

So If you have the glusterfs or AWS efs mounted on your host you can simply mount it to your container with a similar command.

For Gluster could be:

volumes: - “/mnt/data-store:/containerfolder:rw”

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