Installing Cloud 66 toolbelt

I’m trying to install the C66 Toolbelt but I don’t understand the instructions:

To get started, simply download the toolbelt executable, unzip and copy it to a directory accessible in your PATH. On Mac OS X, your PATH is likely/usr/local/bin, but you can run echo $PATH in your terminal to determine your specific path. Placing the executable in this folder allows it to be used globally.

Specifically, how do I copy it to a directory accessible in my PATH? I have to admit that I’m not terribly familiar with using PATH.

Are you running this on a Mac/Linux computer? Start by opening a Terminal window, and run this command: “echo $PATH”. This will output a colon-separated list of directories, which likely contains something like /usr/local/bin.

You need to copy your executable to this folder. I’m guessing it’s downloaded to your default Downloads folder, in /Users/<username>/Downloads. You’ll need to extract this folder (oftentimes as easy as double-clicking it). If this is the case, run the following command (remember to fill in your own values):

cp /Users/username/Downloads/cx_0.1.10_darwin_amd64/cx /usr/local/bin/cx

This copies the executable to your $PATH, so that it can be run from anywhere on your system.

Thanks, Philip! That worked perfectly.

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