I'm a developer and need help with ops. Can you help?

I’m a developer with virtually no “real” server experience, and I’m planning on building a web app that I’ll need to bootstrap until I get enough paying customers to afford a proper devops person.

I’ve embraced docker, and feel like that provides some good initial workflow for me to manage dev, testing, and basic production (to VMs like digital ocean, vultr, etc).

Currently I do everything as a single node, but I’ve been starting to learn clusters (docker swarms).

It’s a huge amount of information and I’m worried that I’m losing valuable dev time learning about ops – especially since the plan is to hire an ops person asap.

I’m also not familiar with services like yours. I’m new to terms like PaaS, SaaS, CaaS.

That in mind, I’m wondering if your offering can help someone in my situation? Can your services help me in anyway, and if so, how? How much of my ops/server concerns can I offload on you guys, and what will it cost me (especially in the early months before I’m generating revenue)?

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