How can I see deployment log


I’ve made some changes in deployment hooks (compliling assets with gulp), and the deploy process was failed. But when I check out error log, I can not see full content. The log is ended with these lines

browserify@0.0.0, punycode@1.4.1, os-browserify@0.1.2, process@0.11.3, assert@1.3.0, domain-browser@1.1.7, querystring-es3@0.2.1, timers-browserify@1.4.2, stream-browserify@1.0.0, events@1.1.0, readable-stream@1.1.14, vm-browserify@0.0.4, util@0.10.3, console-browserify@1.1.0, url@0.10.3, http-browserify@1.7.0, buffer@3.6.0, browserify-zlib@0.1.4, crypto-browserify@3.2.8)

I need to see all log content to fix the problem.

Problem solved.

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