Haunted Manifest Files?

I was trying to install some extra packages using the manifest.yml file, but then decided that was not the way I wanted to install them, because I needed to accept an agreement using custom script on one of the packages I wanted to install.

So I deleted the manifest file and started trying to do it with call back hooks and a custom script, but ever since then the error I got from trying to install the extra packages has persisted, as well as the intent to install them.

How do I de-manifest this possession?

Aha - you may have stumbled up a small feature! The problem is that non-existance of a manifest declaration for a package is not the same as declaring you want to remove that package from the installation queue! Support can manually remove those for you (raise a ticket providing some info) or you can re-add your extra_packages and force something like ‘curl’ which will reset your package install queue.

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