Configuring EasyDeploy Images, are Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml available?

I want to configure cloud66’s wordpress image so I can run multiple containers in one stack’s Docker Server.

To do this a few things need to change:

  • the env variables WORDPRESS_DB_* need to be changed on a per-site basis (to something like EXAMPLESITE_DB_*)
  • each container should listen on a port other than 80

I could build my own wordpress image from scratch, but I assume cloud66’s has cloud66 specific configuration.

Are the Dockerfile and compose yml available to edit so I can build a custom image?

Hi Casey,

Sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately we don’t have the Dockerfile for that image available, but we’ll be sure to make that available for our next batch of images. For your information, we used the default Wordpress image, and it didn’t take many tweaks at all to make it run with Cloud 66. It was mainly changes around the database connection, which you seem to want to customize anyways.

I hope this helps.

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