Cloud66 for WordPress Agency

Hi, is Cloud66 also for small sites but many? i would like to know if Cloud66 would be usefull for managing lots of small WordPress Installs as well?

If you mean having all of them on one server, yes you can achieve that using docker stacks.

My concern is much the same, and this isn’t really a satisfactory answer. However take this with my limited understanding of cloud66 and docker. I have someone setting up cloud66 for me. I don’t use WordPress, but I do want to host many small unrelated docker containers on one or more servers independently. I believe this is part of the vision of docker - self-contained, easily distributable workloads, but Cloud66 isn’t quite fulfilling it yet.

Cloud66 currently supports “stacks” which can have multiple apps (, and apps within a stack share resources, including environment variables (whether you want to or not I understand). This suits the scenario of scaling a large application with multiple services that work together.

However for this scenario of many small apps, I understand you have the following choice with the associated problems : A) All in one stack 1) they share environment variables - this causes a naming collision problem for unrelated apps eg. if you use DATABASE_NAME for all your apps, you’ll have to change it to {MY_APP}_DATABASE_NAME and possibly change all references in your code 2) security? are they isolated from one another? 3) build & deploy versioning - I guess they all have to be built and deployed when one changes? 4) what if you want to redistribute the apps - you’ll be editing files when you could be using a Cloud66 UI 5) user security - I presume your team permissions relate to all apps in a stack, not individual apps within a stack 6) other issues I haven’t thought of because unrelated apps are tied together B) One stack and server per app 1) the entire server is dedicated to the stack - not the best resource utilisation. No benefit of aggregating load across the peaks and troughs of different apps during a day. 2) some of the potential benefits of docker container portability are lost 3) you have to buy a server big enough for peak load but not too big for cost reasons

I would like to see a model like Cloud Foundry, where servers are a deploy target, and any number of containers/stacks can be deployed to each server. Then each small site can have its own private stack. It might start out on the general server, then be moved to a dedicated one as it grows, and no collision between unrelated apps.

Cloud Foundry goes much further - automatically distributing and moving containers between servers, which would be great but not so important to me right now.

  1. For each container you can specify its specific env vars in service.yml

  2. All docker process are isolated by design.

  3. You can choose which containers to deploy for each deployment, or deploy all of them. Or make use of redeployhooks when you change the code of one wordpress project (

  4. You can manually redistribute your apps by scaling them down on one server and scaling up on the other one. If each project has its own Git repo with a Dockerfile it’s easy to redistribute to another stack (onyl thing you need to take care is of course the database migration)

  5. We charge you per server, to you can create multiple stacks to get even more isolation. We don’t have extra user constraints on services.

  6. you can specify per service how the resources are getting used and make sure 1 service is not eating the other one (

There are some constraints:

Cloud66 only manages one database per stack. If you were to have multiple databases in your let’s say Postgresql you’d need to create the second, third and so on manually. This means the backup for the databases other than the one created and handled by Cloud 66 has to be setup manually.

Essentially there will be one stack which within you can have different apps. They will be sharing one Nginx in front and one database in the background.

reading your notes, you want a shared hosting solution for wordpress. we don’t do this out of the box of course.

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