Cannot SSH with CX on Windows 10

Using Windows 10 when I try to connect to my server with cx ssh -s ‘ServerName’ -e qa Dinosaur I receive the error message 2016/09/07 10:17:58 error: Not supported on Windows I am able to see cx stacks list results, but not connect. Any ideas? Sorry for formatting, Markdown doesn’t seem to be working in the preview pane.

Hi there,

CX ssh won’t work on windows, since it uses the ssh command which is not available on Windows. You’ll need to use putty to connect to your server manually.

Since our ssh implementation is key based have a look at this article:

However, there is going to be a slight difference. On this article it shows you how to generate the key. But you don’t need to generate it, you can find your username and SSH key by visiting the server page for the specific server you would like to login to. The SSH key download link is located in the right sidebar of your server page

PS: Port 22 is closed to your IP! You need to open the port 22 by running “ cx lease -s STACK NAME “ before running Putty SSH.

I hope it makes sense!

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