Can I use AWS Spot instances with cloud66

Howdy guys,

Amazon AWS has some great value on spot instances and I can think of a lot of use cases where it would make sense to scale process servers to work on these.

As I understand it, if you spin up a process on cloud66, it looks for existing EC2 instances to apply the stack to.

If I request a spot instance, will cloud66 work for this?


Howdy! Yes that is indeed possible - once you’ve reserved an instance type, and select to create that instance type in Cloud 66, we’ll use that reserved instance. Please see our documentation for more details.

Hello, I’m not sure I understand you answer Philip. Documentation you provided talks about reserved instances, not spot instances. I’m wondering too if we could use spot instances.

Thank you.


I’m afraid Cloud 66 doesn’t support Spot instances, they are not well-suited for real-time or mission-critical services such as Web applications, apologies for confusion.

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