Backup fails

My backups fail with this error:

Your backup's reported output was: [" ModelError: Backup for task (....) Failed!"," An Error occured which has caused this Backup to abort before completion."," Reason: Packager::PipelineError"," Failed to Create Backup Package"," Pipeline STDERR Messages:"," (Note: may be interleaved if multiple commands returned error messages)"," "," The following system errors were returned:"," Error: SystemCallError: Unknown error 141 - 'tar' returned exit code: 141"," Error: Errno::EPERM: Operation not permitted - 'split' returned exit code: 1"," "]

  1. Check if your server has enough space df -i and df -f and clear the server if it doesn’t.

  2. Sometimes it happens that you set your backup, say hourly, but it takes more than an hour to finish, so it starts playing havoc with the system.

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