Autoscaling processes

We’ve moved some of our servers to Cloud66/EC2 and so far it’s going really great. Good job! We’d love to move our workers currently running on Heroku but we have an interesting challenge that we’ll have to handle first. We’re using HireFire to automatically scale Heroku servers depending on the number of jobs in our queues. Is there a way we could scale Cloud66 processes/servers in much the same way? If not do you know if anyone else has a similar problem or workaround?

Great to have you onboard!

We don’t currently have a solution for autoscaling servers up/down. We’ve wanted to provide something like this for a while, but have a lot we’re trying to do (always a prioritization problem!)

One thing to be aware of is that as opposed to Heroku where you pay per worker, you don’t have that constraint on your own server. So in theory you can have as many workers always available as you require (with the only limitation being your servers resources)?


It’s been two years now you answered this question. Do you have a solution to propose now for autoscaling servers ? What about EC2 autoscaling groups use ?

Regards, Jules

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