Are we charged for spinning up servers for a few minutes

In Production, I use 1-5 web servers to handle the load of all clients. However sometimes its good to test how an application will scale.

In my particular use case, I’m looking to spin up 50+ servers and hit them really really hard. These servers would only be up for 10 minutes to an hour and then brought down.

Given cloud66’s Pricing model, would we be charged those machines be charged for the entire month or just for the time they were active?

Thanks for getting in touch with us. Our pricing is simple - you only pay for what you use, and there are no setup fees or fixed term contracts. The billing cycle for your account is every 30 days, and your account charges are calculated on an hourly basis. Your account will be charged for the accumulated amount you’ve accrued during the last 30 days at the end of each cycle.

You can find more information about our pricing in our documentation.

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